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Configuring and Utilizing Multiple Databases in Laravel

In Laravel, managing multiple databases is a common requirement for complex applications where data is distributed across different databases. Whether you need to interact with multiple databases for sharding, legacy systems, or simply for better organization, Laravel provides a convenient way to handle multiple database connections out of the box. n this guide, we’ll explore how to configure and utilize multiple database connections in Laravel, along with practical examples to demonstrate various scenarios.

Building Efficient Applications with MySQL Stored Procedures

MySQL stored procedure is a powerful database function that allows you to store and execute a set of SQL statements in the database, similar to functions in programming. The storage process can greatly improve the performance, security and maintainability of the database. This article will introduce the use of MySQL stored procedures in detail.

Database transactions in Laravel

In web development, data integrity and accuracy are important. Therefore, we need to be sure that we are writing code that securely stores, updates, and deletes data in our databases. In this article, we’ll take a look at what database transactions are, why they’re important, and how to get started using them in Laravel. We will also look at typical problems associated with third-party services and database transactions.